Ensuring Clarity, Securing Trust

In today's complex business landscape, maintaining trust and confidence is paramount. That's where audit and assurance come into play, serving as the backbone of accountability and transparency. Through meticulous examination and evaluation, audit and assurance professionals bring assurance to stakeholders, providing them with reliable and unbiased insights into the financial health and compliance of an organization.

Financial Reporting and Auditing

Financial reporting and corporate auditing are core services provided by our firm.

Management, investors and lenders need to review and trust your financial information to understand your business operations, plan for the future and determine the risks involved in committing funds and resources. Russell Bedford's audit and assurance team understand clients' businesses and industries, and the needs of other stakeholders who request their financial data.

As a global audit firm and a member of the IFAC Forum of Firms, Russell Bedford is totally committed to quality, integrity and independence. In accordance with the IESBA Code of Ethics, the firm is required to use their best endeavours to ensure that they are independent of the financial statement audit clients of other members.

Statutory Audits and Reviews

Business owners may perceive the preparation of annual financial statements and the audit or review simply as a legal obligation. At Russell Bedford, we prefer to view these as diagnostic tools, helping to reveal issues which can then be addressed by identifying realistic and practical solutions. The audit process may even lead to improvements in efficiency and profitability. Our experienced and impartial auditors take an objective view of the business, fulfilling statutory requirements while providing clear and constructive advice.

Whether an audit is a legal requirement or voluntary, with Russell Bedford Lebanon, the audit process is based upon adding value.

Multinational Reporting and Auditing

As leading specialists in audit and compliance, Russell Bedford team prepare reports across a wide number of international jurisdictions, compiled in accordance with both local and international standards and regulations. For multinational groups and organisations, our team around the world provide consistent and seamless financial reporting and auditing services, including consolidated group compliance and reporting, integrated reporting, IFRS financial statements and conversion from local GAAP, global internal audits and transnational statutory audits.

Internal Controls

Russell Bedford audit team are experienced in performing reviews and assessments of the design and effectiveness of companies' internal systems and controls (SOC reporting), to help clients improve the effectiveness of risk management and governance processes, enhance the integrity of corporate financial information and avoid fraud.

With meticulous attention to detail, the Russell Bedford audit team dives deep into the intricacies of clients' operations, examining the design and effectiveness of their internal controls. Through this rigorous evaluation, they identify potential vulnerabilities, uncover areas for improvement, and provide invaluable recommendations to enhance risk management and governance processes.

Specialised Services

Depending on the jurisdiction, specialist audits can be highly regulated, with strict procedures and reporting requirements. In relevant markets, Russell Bedford firms around the world have the necessary in-depth knowledge, technical expertise and licences required to audit banks and financial institutions, charities and foundations, non-profit entities, employee benefit plans / pension schemes, and publicly listed companies (PCAOB audits and SEC reporting).

In the realm of highly regulated industries, conducting specialist audits demands a meticulous approach, strict adherence to procedures, and comprehensive reporting. Russell Bedford, with its global network of firms, possesses the necessary in-depth knowledge, technical expertise, and licenses to navigate the intricacies of these specialized audits across various jurisdictions.