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Expanding into new markets presents a multitude of challenges and considerations that differ vastly from country to country. At Russell Bedford, it is our mission to make that process easier by providing specialist guidance and advice to those seeking to move into international markets.

Through our partnership with the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), one of the world’s leading authorities on cross-border taxation, we aim to provide businesses and individuals with key tax data related to doing business in over 100 countries, via our Country Key Features guides. The home of international taxation, IBFD is the pre-eminent, independent foundation that tax practitioners from all over the world rely on for high-quality independent tax knowledge and research.

The purpose of the Country Key Features guides is to provide a concise summary of direct taxation, indirect taxation including value added tax (VAT), other taxes (e.g. GST) and general information to help those seeking to do business in a particular country. The guides are not, however, intended to replace independent expert advice, and we encourage those interested in doing business in another country to contact a Russell Bedford member firm in the country of interest.

If you would like to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help, please contact the Central Office of Russell Bedford International and we will be happy to arrange an initial consultation.

The following Country Key Features guides are currently available. The effective date of tax and other information is mentioned at the start of each guide.



The information contained in the guides is reproduced under licence from IBFD. Please contact a professional adviser before taking any action based on this information.