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Russell Bedford’s CEO Stephen Hamlet visits BSA

Mr. Hamlet starts the day by giving a presentation to our team about Russell Bedford around the world. He continues with the mission and vision for the upcoming years and a detail explanation about RBI conferences, webinars, and news.

After that, a discussion took place between Mr. Hamlet and the partners about our clients, the quality service we provide, the departments we should focus on, and the systems we are implementing for a better tomorrow.

Mr. Hamlet said, "A fantastic young and vibrant team at Russell Bedford in Beirut– the hospitality has been tremendous, and we are learning a lot from each other and building relations and trust – we are privileged to have such great resource for clients in the Middle East”. He also added that he was very happy and impressed by the professionalism, quality and superb modern office.

We cannot but thank our network’s CEO for his visit and for his constant support to all the members.