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Webinar on the effect of the Lebanese financial crisis and Covid19 on both the financial and audit reporting


In our efforts as Russell Bedford Lebanon to contribute in helping to establish guidance on how to deal with the economic situation and the COVID19 pandemic this country is facing, our Partner Mouhammad Saleh, CPA, DipIFR, MBA, has delivered the first of a couple of webinars for the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants (LACPA) on effects of the financial crisis and COVID-19 on both the financial reporting and audit reporting.

The webinar lasted for more than 2 hours and marked a record-breaking number of experts from different international and local firms whom all came together to take note of what Mr. Saleh has to say and discuss the responsibilities we as experts are facing in these critical times. The session indeed was fruitful and achieved a positive feedback from all the attendees.