Together for Brighter Days

Charity of the Year

At Russell Bedford BSA, we firmly believe in giving back to the community and making a positive impact beyond the realms of our professional endeavors. That's why every year, we proudly select a charitable organization as our "Charity of the Year," rallying our staff to actively participate in fundraising and volunteering activities.

Our commitment to supporting charitable causes goes beyond mere financial contributions. We encourage our dedicated team members to roll up their sleeves and actively engage in making a difference. By involving ourselves in various fundraising initiatives and volunteering opportunities, we strive to create meaningful change and uplift those in need.

Through our annual Charity of the Year program, we select an organization aligned with our values and mission, focusing on areas such as education, healthcare, social welfare, or environmental conservation. This carefully chosen partnership allows us to pool our resources, skills, and collective efforts to create a greater impact together.

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The Environment

At Russell Bedford BSA, we recognize the urgent need to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. We have taken significant strides in this direction and are dedicated to implementing sustainable practices that contribute to a greener and cleaner world. Our ongoing efforts are driven by a strong sense of responsibility and a firm belief in the importance of environmental stewardship.

To date, we have implemented several initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. These actions demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices and serve as the foundation for our continued journey towards a greener future. Here are some of the steps we have already taken:

  1. Collaborating with Recyo Recycling: At Russell Bedford BSA, we understand that paper usage is a significant contributor to waste and deforestation. By partnering with Recyco Recycling, we are taking a proactive approach to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting responsible resource management. Through this collaboration, we have implemented a comprehensive paper recycling program, which includes collecting and recycling all paper waste generated in our office. We have also taken steps to reduce our paper usage by digitizing our processes wherever possible, such as by implementing electronic document management systems and reducing our reliance on paper-based communication.
  2. Contributing to Planting Trees in Lebanon through Jouzour Loubnan: We actively support the reforestation efforts of Jouzour Loubnan, an esteemed organization dedicated to planting treesin Lebanon. By contributing to this cause, we play our part in combating deforestation and restoring natural habitats, fostering a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem.
  3. Providing staff with reusable water bottles: We have equipped our dedicated team members with reusable water bottles to eliminate single-use plastic waste. By encouraging the use of refillable bottles, we significantly reduce the consumption of plastic and promote a culture of sustainability among our staff.
  4. Proper disposal of computer equipment and office furniture: We take great care in disposing of outdated or obsolete computer equipment and office furniture. Rather than sending these items to landfill, we ensure that they are carefully handled and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Whenever possible, we explore opportunities for refurbishment, recycling, or donating them to worthy causes.

While we are proud of the progress we have made thus far, we understand that there is always room for improvement. We remain committed to seeking new ways to work greener and cleaner in the future. Our ongoing efforts are driven by a continuous evaluation of our practices, exploring innovative solutions, and embracing emerging technologies that align with our sustainability go