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Just Released: Business World March 2024

Russell Bedford International has released the March edition of its biannual magazine, BUSINESS WORLD.

Business World delivers the latest views and analysis written by specialists from within the Russell Bedford network, together with guest authors from various other organisations from around the world.

Articles in the latest edition include:

Investing in Morocco: opportunities & incentives

This article outlines Morocco's attractiveness for foreign investment, highlighting its liberal economy, incentives for investors, and streamlined business setup procedures. It emphasizes Morocco's strategic focus on sectors like renewables, automotive, and aerospace, while also addressing taxation, employment, intellectual property rights, and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Authors: Dr Issam El Maguiri, Managing Partner, and Soumia Benali, Office Manager at El Maguiri & Associés, the Moroccan member firm of Russell Bedford International.

Colombia – an attractive investment destination

Colombia has emerged as a top investment destination in Latin America, showcasing its attractiveness through diverse sectors and strong international trade agreements. With a focus on sustainable development and regional connectivity, Colombia, particularly Bogotá and the Antioquia region, stands out for FDI initiatives, driven by economic performance, business environment, and strategic positioning.

Authors: Luis Carlos Robayo Higuera, Managing Partner of Russell Bedford RBG; Didier Sánchez Reinoso, founding partner and CEO of Russell Bedford DSA; Nelson Eduardo Giraldo Suárez, CPA and partner at Russell Bedford GCT; and Adriana Cespedes Tello, Accounting Outsourcing Manager at Russell Bedford MCA, Colombia.

Four marketing challenges for professional services firms

Professional services firms face unique marketing challenges due to the intangible nature of their offerings. Overcoming these hurdles involves measuring both quantitative and qualitative metrics, adapting content to various communication channels, staying updated on digital trends, and striking a balance between educational and promotional content to resonate with the audience.

Authors: Anabel Salinas, Marketing Director, and Alba Cruz, Content Specialist at Russell Bedford Spain.

Non-EU yachts in Italy: simplified VAT regime

Italy has simplified its customs and VAT regime for non-EU yachts undergoing repairs and maintenance, granting concessions and clarifying procedures. Yachts under temporary admission can receive ordinary maintenance exempt from VAT, while extraordinary maintenance falls under a different customs regime, requiring specific authorization and guarantees.

Authors: Andrea Barabino, Associate at Russell Bedford member firm Moores Rowland Partners, Italy.

Make your business a great place to work

Creating a great workplace involves hiring the right people, offering career advancement opportunities, maintaining work-life balance, and implementing family-friendly initiatives. WBL CPAs + Advisors exemplifies this approach, leading to their recognition as the top firm to work for in their category, emphasizing the importance of happy employees for business success.

Authors: Steven G. Horn, Director of Tax Planning & Compliance and a Co-leader of International Practice at WBL CPAs + Advisors, an USA member firm of Russell Bedford International.

Empowering women in business

Empowering women in business is essential for promoting diversity, innovation, and economic growth. Despite facing obstacles such as gender bias and work-life balance challenges, women bring unique perspectives and leadership qualities that enhance team performance and sustainability.

Authors: Adeline Thor, Executive Director and Tax Service Line Leader at Russell Bedford Malaysia.

Reforestation – good for the planet, good for business

Businesses are increasingly expected to integrate environmental activities like reforestation into their models, with consumers valuing sustainability initiatives. Reforestation not only benefits the environment by restoring forests and combating climate change, but it also provides economic and social advantages such as job creation, biodiversity protection, and mental health benefits.

Authors: Meaghan Weeden, Senior Communications Manager at One Tree Planted.

To read the latest edition of Business World in full, visit the Business World page of the Russell Bedford website HERE.