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Forty Years And Counting: The Network’s CEO Discusses An Eventful Year In His Video Message

In a year filled with milestones, achievements, and global connectivity, Russell Bedford International marked its 40th anniversary with an array of impactful events and productive activity. Stephen Hamlet, CEO, reflects on the network's exceptional journey and sets sights on an even brighter future.



Stephen talks about the major meetings of the year; the highlight being the 40th Annual Global Conference held in Montreal, Canada, serving as the centrepiece for celebration of the network’s achievements in the past four decades.

Stephen expressed how extremely proud he felt and thanked his team for all the hard work that went into organising such a pivotal event. In respect of the Young Partners and Managers conference, the last physical meeting of the year, Stephen commented:

"It was fantastic to see such positivity, energy, and dedication from future leaders in accountancy and business advisory. Delegates really enjoy getting to know their counterparts in other firms around the world and networking, meeting new people, expanding their contacts, and learning from each other; which is what we are all about!”

Stephen ends his video message explaining how Russell Bedford’s latest referral analysis revealed a 15% increase, and that there has been significant growth in terms of welcoming several new members and in terms of existing members expanding, with several more applications in the pipeline.

He says: "I’m proud to be here, I’m proud to be navigating this network into 2024, and I thank my team, my Chair, our board of directors and our passionate members all around the world for their support and all that they do.”

"Our firms stay positive, stay motivated, stay determined, to help each other, to help our people and to assist businesses with their development and on their international journeys. Happy holidays and I shall see you in the New Year.”